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The software product is used by the user in the field of agriculture for remote monitoring of their own and / or leased land plots using remote sensing data (hereinafter - remote sensing), as well as specialized sensors for effective decision-making in crop production.

This section is intended to inform agribusiness entities about the work carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the formation of electronic maps of agricultural fields.

The electronic fields generated on the web portal are used for the following purposes:

1) carrying out agrochemical analysis of soils of agricultural fields;

2) subsidizing agribusiness entities involved in the production of crop products (amendments to the laws are being formed);

3) online lending to agribusiness entities;

4) implementation of online insurance of crop products by agribusiness entities (the bill is formed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

5) keeping records of field work and activities by agricultural producers;

6) viewing agronomic, meteorological, geoinformation information in the context of each field, including historical, formed on the basis of data from remote sensing of the earth.



Geo-positional layer
display of memory boundaries (memory card);
display of field boundaries (field map).

Vegetation layer
loading satellite images (with a history of up to 10 years);
NDVI analysis based on satellite imagery processing, (with a history of up to 10 years).

Agrochemical layer
loading the results of soil agrochemical analysis;
precise application of fertilizers, pesticides.

Hydrogeological reclamation layer
condition of soils, water sources;
water availability forecast.

Meteorological layer
weather data (including historical);
soil moisture and temperature;
number of sunny days;
weather forecast.


State Databases

Agrochemical examination results: humus content in the soil,
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH medium, trace elements.

Multispectral satellite images with a resolution of 250m.
Soil surface temperature, soil surface moisture, snow thickness, snow cover.

US National Environmental Information Center
Information about weather stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, weather forecast, historical weather data.

Multispectral satellite images with a resolution of 10 to 30 m.
Soil moisture at a depth of 1 m.

Generate hourly weather forecasts for the next 72 hours, up to 5 days for DTN weather forecast models


Year-round monitoring of vegetation with a resolution of 10 m / pixel;
Identification of problem areas in the fields;
Determination of soil moisture at different depths 0-7, 7-28, 28-100 cm.
Historical meteorological data and vegetation;
Recommendations for use for nitrogen fertilizers, plant protection products
Assessment and construction of vegetation models;
Weather forecast and meteorological information;
Automated notification and reporting;
Advanced field recording system;
Integration of private weather stations;
Notifications by SMS, E-MAIL in case of critical changes in the growing season;
Control the movement of equipment in the fields, application rate, speed, application rate, etc.
(integration into GPS receivers of equipment is carried out at the request of agricultural producers)